I used to support RSPCA

I used to support RSPCA, Not now. By their collusion with Animals Australia (AA) regarding lobbying for a ban on Live animal export I view them as a political lobby group masquerading occasional domestic animal welfare. Enticing private and public funds, 90% of their operational needs in the guise of animal welfare support to attack Australian agriculture with intentions of eventual enforcement of their own guidelines based on their own beliefs and standards.

Dr Bidda Jones investigative skills of animal welfare lack any scientific objectivity in regards to live animal exports. Her findings are based on preconceived views and bias supply of information. As the RSPCA’s chief veterinarian officer she conducted ‘The slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesia – An observational study’(2011)largely based on video footage supplied by Animals Australia. That footage contained viewing of 50 bovine slaughters at 10 locations in Indonesia, Locations chosen by Animals Australia a radical vegan group with agendas for Banning of Live export.
The same policy which RSPCA holds and has done for many years.

Ironically Dr Jones was a member of LESAG, the live animal exports advisory board. While RSPCA have publicised long and well their opposition to LE, Dr Jones of all people had the opportunity and access to do a study of the Indonesian slaughter process in a more thorough way. Considering Australia exported over 500 000 head of cattle to Indonesia prior to 2011, even an uneducated layman like me can see that 50 head or 0.01% of a group can hardly be called indicative of that group. Yet this view is exactly what RSPCA coupled with AA expressed in their media campaigns following public viewing of the film in May 2011.

The AA footage was latter proven to include non Australian cattle, filmed at abattoirs that didn’t process Australian cattle, and produced by a vegan who feels that animal use for consumption is morally corrupt. The purpose of the film was pre-planned and intended to be used as the most brutal and confronting footage possible illustrating aspects of animal cruelty, to entice hate and outrage against the live export industry so as to initiate political pressure to support a ban of live animal exports.

Continuing to this present day RSPCA and AA continue to obtain suspect film footage from overseas abattoirs, using the images to continually call for a ban on live exports. In Feb 2012 AA obtained footage and initiated an investigation into components of ESCAS in Indonesia, stating ESCAS was defunct. The investigation carried out by DAFF backfired on AA as it revealed once again non Australian animals filmed and that an eartag claimed to have been from a filmed tortured animal was slaughtered some weeks before fliming occured. Dr Jones stood and performed once again citing the AA footage as solid evidence of Australian animals being brutalised.


More recently, Isreal, Dr Jones’s keen eye of observation failed to ascertain the most basic principle of investigation. What was the animals place of origin who was being filmed? Another undercover vegan, intent of finding animal mistreatment took 19 days to obtain footage he hoped was of Australian animals. I would think DAFF are carrying out that traceability as I write.
Yet 50 000 animals have been sent to Isreal over the last 12 months or so from Australia, no mention by Dr Jones as to their treatment on a whole to ascertain widespread animal cruelty. This time she relied on 2-3 animals possibly from anywhere, now the observational study by Dr Jones covered a whopping 0.006% of the concerned group. If of course they were part of that group to start with.

Closer to home, RSPCA have an animal care charter for all animals, understandably it includes livestock, wildlife and birds. I find it surprising the degree to which RSPCA are pursuing the livestock industry in regards to the LE and unrealistic animal welfare guidelines while seemingly letting the fact of statistics of domestic animals slip by.
RSPCA have received
• in the last 5 years 779 200 animals into their shelters
• 10 years it has been 1 458 478 animals
• 15 years is 2 201 242 animals
Massive numbers. To their credit many are homed, unfortunately many are not. In 2010 / 2011 of the 67 573 dogs received, 28.9% were euthansed, Cats received was 64 617, euthanased 57.5%. Euthanase is chosen for age, sickness, behaviour and simple inability to rehome based on criteria of animal temperament tests and behaviour dictated by RSPCA.
Not for one moment am I blaming or assuming it is RSPCA’s responsibility or fault these animals come to their care in the first place, my gripe is that these numbers when considered along with other shelters make LE look brillant. LE has people working to improve Animal welfare at the very grass roots level to the highest heirarchy.Legislation,whole supply chain traceability and accountability with public reporting both to a parliamentary and public level.
Domestic animals have bugger all looking after them in National legislation if they need it. Pot luck is if they are fortunate enough to find themselves in the care of genuine caring pet owner or if abandoned, shelters who are able to rehome them.
RSPCA investigated nearly 60 000 complaints of cruelty in 10/11, this lead to 275 prosecutions, of those 80% were directly related to cats and dogs. Is this an inability to empower legal prosecutions, lack of evidence, poor laws or what! I’m guessing if I spoke to a RSPCA inspector and they could easily point out why legislation let them down in nailing the people who should have but weren’t prosecuted in at least some of the other 59 000 complaints.

So at 275 prosecutions to nearly 60 000 complaints, a rate of 0.45% I don’t hear calls to remove all pets and animals from the care of all Australian owners. LE it seems the whole meat and livestock industry can be crucified because of 0.01 to 0.006% of cattle seen as cruelly treated by a person with a vendetta and hidden video camera who can’t even read an basic eartag.

The RSPCA isn’t to blame for these horrendous domestic numbers received, compounded by the fact it is estimated they only deal with half of the numbers in Australia. http://www.deathrowpets.net calculate 250 000 healthy dogs and cats are killed each year across Australia, to use the emotive language of the animal rights people I’ve heard repeated so much these last 18 months or so, these ‘sentient beings are murdered needlessly ’.
Some shelters have kill rates of anything from 20% to 90% intake. Why the heck are Australians abandoning so many pets, it is not right to expect others to deal with these animals when they shouldn’t be there in the first place. Where are the laws regulating breeding, enforcing nutering or legislation on simple care. Where are the laws saying if you are cruel to an animal then you have to meet the ‘National guidelines of domestic animal care and responsibility’, sign here, break it and its deemed a jailable offence.
The white elephant in the room is Domestic animal welfare, domestic being pets, dogs, cats, horses and other small animals including native wildlife. What is being done about this!
RSPCA and AA are already involved with the National Animal welfare guidelines over the last few years, the National Livestock transport guidelines will be released for public submission in January. These are writing groups with support of industry, government and other interested parties including AA and RSPCA. As the writing groups continue their progress through the various animal groups they will eventually get to domestic animals. The funding is available for the livestock sectors, sheep, cattle, goats, partly from industry, but seems to have dwindled for the domestic of dogs and cats. The formation of this legislation may also be a number of years down the track.
Why aren’t RSPCA directing some of their own funding to this purpose or AA for that matter. Ok not their own money because that’s too tied up in tearing down the LE industry but I don’t hear ribad screams of protest about the lack of regulations and control on pets in general. Nope can’t recall any protests abusing domestic animal owners unlike the recent protest in Perth #hadagutful abusing farmers.
Population increases are only going to exasperate the domestic problem as economics are attributed as being one of the main factors of animal deposits to shelters, that and irresponsible breeding, gifts, abandonment. I would like to add laziness but it doesn’t seem to be listed.
Ironic really as economic factors are deemed unimportant by the welfare groups in the live export debate regarding pastoralists and their long term viability. Breeding is what we do, farming is really all about sex, lots and lots of it, abandonment, not on my families watch, gifts, yes we may as well give cattle away soon. Laziness, unlikely but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.
Where are the laws for controlled animal breeding on a domestic level for cats and dogs, why isn’t more research done into this to prevent animal abandonment than wait for the animal to be abandoned and then try to find solutions to that problem. Too late the horse has bolted!
RSPCA has developed the Animal Welfare guidelines Beef cattle. Actually the current version is a slightly toned down version of Oct 2011.
If people think the current version is anti-agriculture I’d be happy to forward the original.
It had
• no acknowledgement of stock handling skills learnt though experience and time.
• called for a limitation in feedlots to maximum of 60 days.
• closing of saleyards
• no dogs at all to work animals in yards at all, oh thats still there, fools obviously never worked a good dog.
• No live export though interesting in the final Nov 2012 the added paragraph of advocating adoption of chilled and frozen meat trade only was removed.

I can’t help but ask why is RSPCA so intent on Agriculture at present. Are our animals the larger numbers and easy target while domestic animals just too hard as too many owners. Even the statistical variation of domestic animals numbers is quiet scary, there doesen’t seem to be any real consensus of what numbers there are!
Or is it that there are less people in agriculture compared to the domestic animal pet base and thus to attack the domestic animals would be to attack RSPCA and AA’s very support base and their main funding source!
Time will tell to see if RSPCA and AA have the guts to lobby for restrictions, traceability regulations and closure in many instances for domestic animals as they have so enthusiastically pursued with the agricultural sector and livestock.
Rant over, thank you.

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7 thoughts on “I used to support RSPCA

  1. leejam

    That was an awesome read. Factual, no emotive bullshit and really interesting. Thanks!

  2. Yvonne

    good on you Jo

  3. Well said. I think RSPCA have done themselves no favours getting into bed with Animals Australia. I feel sorry for the volunteers working for them who are now finding people are turning against them in their role with the RSPCA.
    They are meant to be, I thought, a charity, not a political organisation

  4. Tony H

    I too am a former supporter of RSPCA, but no more. The sad part is the deception fed to their volunteers , who are genuine people concerned for the welfare of abused domestic animals. Very few , if indeed any, of these front line people realise the deep political agenda of the upper eschelons of their beloved organisation. They have been railroaded by a group of political extremists, intent on the destruction of Australian primary industry. It is a betrayal worthy only of contempt.

  5. sharon

    why can’t we get a voice like yours into main stream media chanels. Keep up the good work.

  6. Insider

    Jes, do you actually spend any time looking after your animals given the length of unreasoned biased rant above…or do they simply survive best they can?

  7. John

    Suggest the author of the crappola above go along to a saleyard and take a look at the use of dogs. Unmuzzled, muzzled using inappropriate muzzles, dogs harassing and attacking sheep, more than one dog used, the list goes on. Thats the problem see, you lot FAIL to actually spend the time looking at what really goes on. You sit in your air conditioned offices and make judgement calls about routine handling and treatment without proof to back it up. Never anything wrong with your industry is there. No…way.

    Yet there is and you people refuse to admit the truth.

    WHY is that?

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