Milking my goats

I have a handful of goats at home, a couple which I milk each day. My family have eczema and we find for some reason the goats milk really assists with helping skin complaints.
Thought I’d posts before and after shot of milking my favorite girl, Rapsody.


I only milk once a day by hand, it only takes a about 5 minutes, and I get  2 litres each morning. If I milked more often I’d get more but 2 litres is sufficent for my families use.Goats milk is high in vitamin A, butterfat and protein. it is has smaller fat globules than cows milk, Sometimes even those allergic to cows milk are able to drink goats milk.
This nanny ( mature female goat) is about 4 years old now, she is a pure bred British Alpine. My personal view is no animal exists with the attitude of a goat, they are just the loveliest animals.

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