Animals Australia Funding 2011/2012

The data used in these charts is taken from Animals Australia Incorporated financial records for each year up to 2011/2012, which they have submitted to the Victorian Department of Justice – these files are legitimately obtained and accessable to the public.

Animals Australia Inc (ABN 65 016 845 767) Financial records 2011/2012

Updated information for 2012/2013 is available at Animals Australia Funding 2012 / 2013

AA financials ending 2012

Copies of prior financial records are available at Animals Australia financial statements and information

Animals Australia 006_edited-1Chart 1 – Animals Australia Inc. Membership for years 2006 to 2012

Animals Australia 001_edited-1

Chart 2. Animals Australia Income from 2002/03 to 2011/2012

Animals Australia 003_edited-1Chart 3 – Animals Australia Inc Income for 2011/2012

Animals Australia 004_edited-1Chart 4 – Animals Australia Expenses for 2011/12

Animals Australia 005Chart 5 – How Animals Australia choose to present their financial information of exactly the same statistics in chart 3 and 4.
Animals Australia Inc. Extract of 2011/12 financials sourced 09/06/2013

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