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With my husband and 2 children we operate a small pastoral property located in the Roper Gulf region of the Northern Territory. We breed Droughtmaster cattle with our main turn off aimed at the Live Cattle Export markets to Indonesia.

We were affected by the Live animal export ban in June 2011. Since that period I have been surprised at the misinformation and lack of understanding of agricultural activities that the general population have in regards to open grazing operations in the Northern Territory.

This blog is aimed at people who are interested in the workings of cattle stations but have no experience in agriculture.
It is the purpose of this blog to provide real and factual information about a family operated cattle station operations in the Northern Territory. All views expressed are my own. I intend to provide links to further information if a reader should wish to pursue the topic of interest.

This page is still currently under construction.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. John

    Dear Jo,
    Your efforts to put a proper perspective on the live export trade are to be commended.
    Every voice that is backed by a practical understanding of what live exports means to rural Australia and the Australian economy should be heard in this argument. Andrew Wilkie has a very uninformed position of the facts surrounding the live export trade and would best spend sometime learning about the human and economic toll his misaligned crusade will extract if any further restrictions are placed on this vital business.

  2. Kelvin Thomson


    In reference to your comment in response to my blog Live Sheep Exports to Bahrain, please detail how and why the live export market underpins the value of cattle “by at least several hundred dollars per head”.


    Kelvin Thomson

  3. Hi Kelvin. My apologies for taking so long to reply. I have been looking at specifically that point in various reports and had started to write a blog on my view of various reports trying to place a value on stopping live export. I decided to finish the article and have attached it. All reports that I have referred to should have working links to them, if they don’t please let me know and I can email PDF files directly. There is another presentation report by Derek Quirk. – The contribution of the Australian live export industry to the Australian red meat industries and the regions – dated March 2011.
    Cheers Jo

  4. Kelvin Thomson

    Hi Jo,

    Thank you for your reply. Would you be able to send your article to my email address as a PDF?




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