Definitions of Cattle Terms


  • Is the term used to describe in general the process of finding, gathering and sorting of the cattle you have on your property. It is generally carried out over a number of months and done in a number of stages, for instance paddocks are each seperately mustered but the whole process for the year may be called Muster.

Machinery used to Muster

  • Choppers – Helicopters generally R22’s. (Robinson, 2 seater helicopter), the people who fly these machines generally have extensive on ground experience in cattle handling. They are extemely manoeuvrable and can cover great areas of land to search for animals.
  • Bikes – either 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler motorbikes.
  • Bull catchers – converted utes that have been strengthened with external steel frames. These machines are expected to dive through rough country and sometimes over small trees, it is there purpose to offer protection to a drive while steering an animal into a mob for capture.

Breeds of cattle


  • Nickname – ‘Droughtie’
  • Is an Australian breed, developed originally in Queensland crossing a Brahman and a shorthorn breed, other british breeds have been used to further its development to arrive at a tropically adapted breed of approximately 50% Bos Taurus (British breeds) and 50% Bos Indicus (Brahmans).
  • The breed is characterised by a deep red chocolate colour though some adaptions are lighter shades of red, referred to as Honey’s.
  • Have similar characteristics of a Brahman with smooth coat, short haired animal with tolerance to heat, humidity and pests such as ticks in North Australia, while a good framed animal has the characteristics of a British type animal with heavier body type and thicker set muscling.


  • Brahmans can range in colours but tend to be greys or reds, though they can vary of all colours in between depending on the genetics in their breeding.
  • Major adaptability of the Brahman is its ability to sweat through its skin rather than rely solely on panting to perspire like British bred animals do.
  • To look at their coats tend to be short haired and smooth. while very loose, they have folds of skin that seems to hang off them and they often have large floppy ears. Some breeds ears even reach longer than their own nose.
  • Brahmans have a higher tolerance to heat and humidity and adaptability to ticks and buffallo flies than other breeds.
  • Their agility and stamina to walk long distances is desirable for areas where water points may be scare and the need to forage is over a very large area.
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