Live Export

Live Animal Export is the process of selling animals that are transported live in ships mainly via sea voyage to overseas destinations.

Road Transport

  • Is the process of transport on trucks from the property to a location where the cattle are processed prior ot loading onto ships at a port.


  • This is where the ships berth to be loaded, (Load map of Australia showing port locations for cattle)


  • This is the people like myself and family who actually breed the animal to be sold.


  • Is generally a stock agent who acts of behalf of a buyer or seller to market the cattle, they receive a commission based on the sale price and act as the go between of buyer and seller when processing the financial transaction related to the cattle.


  • This is the company who organise the goverment requirements to allow export of the animals out of Australia.
  • They will pre-export the cattle – this is feed them a certain feed ration that will allow the animal to customise to the feed they will receive on ship, give any medication or treatments that are required before the animals are loaded onto ships.


  • Is the company who purchases the cattle at the country of import.
  • Sometimes the Exporter from Australia is also the importer to another country.
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