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Animals Australia Financials ending 2014

These financial documents were obtained through the Victorian consumer commision.

AA financials ending 2014.

Info page._edited-1Image #1 – Summary of Animals Australia Financials 2013-14

Income 13_14_edited-1

Image #2 Animals Australia Income 2013-14

Expenses 13_14_edited-1

Image #3. Animals Australia Expenses 2013-14

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Animals Australia Funding 2012 / 2013

The data used in these charts is taken from Animals Australia Incorporated financial records for each year up to 2012/2013, which they have submitted to the Victorian Department of Justice – these files are legitimately obtained and accessable to the public.

Animals Australia Inc (ABN 65 016 845 767)

AA Financials ending 2013

AA financials ending 2012

Charts available for 2011/2012 financial year at Animals Australia Funding 2011 / 2012

Copies of prior financial records are available at Animals Australia financial statements and information

Membership _edited-1

Chart 1 – Animals Australia Inc. Membership for years 2006 to 2013

Income types _edited-1

Chart 2. Animals Australia Income from 2002/03 to 2012/2013

Income pie 2013._edited-1

Chart 3 – Animals Australia Inc Income for 2012/2013

Expense Pie 2013_edited-1

Chart 4 – Animals Australia Expenses for 2012/13

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Animals Australia Inc. Financials & Information

I have gathered various articles in relation to Animals Australia Inc. – ABN 65 016 845 767.

You can download and share any of the attached articles.

All the articles are legitimately obtained through legal avenues and are authentic.

I do not know or have information in relation to any other business activities in which Animals Australia may be involved in or their administration of the Animal Justice Fund. I do not know their relationship, if any with any other animal liberation/welfare societies.

Animals Australia Incorporated is registered through the Victorian department of Justice, If you wish to obtain further information you will need to find the form ‘Inspection of the register of incorporated associations’ and fill out the relevent details to apply for information through them for a fee.

General Information in regards to Business registration.

Animals Australia – Association Extract.

Other current information can be found on Australian Securities Investment Commission Type in names to search is the Australian business number register and will have details on a business’s current trading names, and registration as a charity or tax concessions applicable to that business.

Animals Australia Inc. – General Information.


Animals Australia Inc. Annual General Meeting Minutes. Held 20th October 2012. Sydney.

AA AGM Minutes 20.10.12

Animals Australia Inc. Statement of Purposes and Rules adopted 16th October 2005.

AA Statement of Rules & Purpose 16.10.05

Animals Australia Financial Statements

2011 /2012    

AA financials ending 2012


AA financials Ending 2011

Special note to financial figures actually lodged in for 2008/2009 have been altered by $5676 when transferred to 2009/2010. In relation to Advertising and campaign costing. Some other figures used in actual 2009 have been moved to other accounts in 2010 carry over.


AA financials ending 2010


AA financials ending 2009


AA Financials Ending 2008


AA Financials Ending 2007


AA financials ending 2006

If you should have other information in regards to Animals Australia operations and connections I would be interested to know.

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